Wendy’s writings are tender, thought-provoking, truthful, intolerant of discrimination and bias, intuitive, and poignant.  Wendy’s topics are always timely and insightful. One of Wendy’s greatest gifts is in her understanding the hearts of women.

Beverly Vote

Publisher, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

Every once in a while a person comes along who breathes fresh air into your life.  Wendy Doherty has done that on many occasions with her writings of wisdom, inspiration, and information.

We met by chance on the internet and I immediately knew I liked this lady.  She is a lady of strength and perseverance.  I have on many occasions needed something to brighten my day and I know without fail that Wendy’s writings will without doubt do that for me.  While enjoying her writings of inspiration, I also enjoy a good debate on issues which affect so many women in this day and time.

I particularly enjoy her writings about breast cancer.  My life has been affected by breast cancer, as has hers.  What I most like about her writings on the subject is her ability to deliver information with compassion for those affected by this disease.  When one reads a post by Wendy, there is an immediate connection with her.  You know she is as “REAL” as the sun that shines.  So many people in this day and age are passive aggressive about things that matter; never once have I found this the case with Wendy.

When Wendy writes, you feel the conviction she has in her heart and you already know she has done her homework on the subject.  She is believable, transparent and she is not afraid to take a stand for what matters even if that means standing alone.  I am blessed to call Wendy a friend.  I know for me, it was not by chance that this remarkable lady with the magic pen crossed my path.  It matters not what day of the week it is; Wendy speaks to my soul through her writings of inspiration, wisdom and wit.

Wendy Haygens

Wendy Doherty is a prolific writer. Her writing is inspiring and vigorous, no matter what she decides to write about.  She triggers your feelings and emotions offering you food for thought; never being dull or boring. She manages to turn a trivial topic into an interesting one mainly because she has the gift to approach a problem gently, yet she will expose it relentlessly using a language that never ceases to amaze me.

Hara Manesiotou

I appreciate how Wendy weaves vulnerability, compassion and a ‘call to action’ in everything she writes. She speaks from the heart and writes about topics she is intimately familiar with. Her authenticity is real!

Mary Jo Rakowski

I often feel inspired after reading something written by Wendy. Her words encourage me to take a closer look at myself to discover how I can grow in a positive direction. Additionally, Wendy’s writing has expanded my awareness about specific issues. For instance, she wrote a compelling piece pertaining to “Think Before You Pink” that highlighted the importance of knowing where consumer funds are going from the purchase of pink ribbon breast cancer awareness items. This is an important topic to me both as a consumer and as a breast cancer survivor. But it’s not simply the topics Wendy writes about that impact me. It is the way she writes about them that inspires and motivates me. Her writing is filled with conviction, purpose and honesty. Wendy is genuine and her writing reflects that. And for me, that is inspiring.

Rachel Brooks Posadas

Wendy, once more I have been captivated and inspired by your writing style and skill. Whether you are writing about your own journey through the wilderness of changing careers, or writing about your own cancer survivorship; both your content and imagery reach out to inspire and empower your readers. As I am one of those readers, I wanted you to know how much your writing has meant to me personally. As a writer, you portray your own emotional response with such scrupulous honesty and empathy, it is impossible to resist. Thank you, Wendy, I appreciate and value you more than you know.”

Paula Ford

Wendy – your writings are insightful, inspiring and uplifting – and a wicked sense of humor too!”

Dr. Donna Goldstein

Wendy’s writing is a real breath of fresh air; she comes from the heart and truly knows how to keep it real. Everything she writes, from published articles to Facebook posts, blossoms with sincerity and compassion. God truly blessed this woman with the gift of words.

Linda Wright

Published Author, Linda Wright Books

My pink sister, Wendy Doherty, writes from her soul, from sharp turns and detours of her life’s experiences. I indulge in the recounting of her personal journey, profoundly felt and expressed.

Viera Bierend

In your writing I look for compassion, writing to the point without being too wordy and someone who loves to write.  I look for description, and poetry.  You tend to give all of these things.  You write beautifully, Wendy.  Keep it up.

Hedy Tick

Wendy is an articulate, natural-born writer. She captures your interest from the first page and her imagination skills are riveting. I relax, enjoy and have the pleasure of reading a well written book.  Thank you, Wendy.

Carol Sudak Iskowitz

Wendy is an excellent writer.  I am a breast cancer survivor, and amateur writer. I enjoy reading articles written by fellow survivors as I like to read their viewpoint. The topics of her blogs are so interesting and informative. I look forward to reading more of her writing.  She inspires me!

Shirley Tacchetti

Why do I enjoy reading Wendy Doherty?  Because Wendy writes in a very objective way, direct to the point and with incredible richness and solid gold statements. Her writing comes from knowledge and through experience, very warm and tender and touches you in many ways.  I have found peace in some of her writing and also wisdom. She is a living statement of a well balanced human being and totally down to earth person.  I am an English teacher in Mexico.  I am also Mexican and bi-cultural. It has been a wonderful experience and pleasure to have met Wendy and to keep on reading her work and being around her.

Laura Crespo